Qingdao Airport Guide to Qingdao Liuting International Airport (TAO)

Qingdao Airport (TAO)

On this website you can find useful information about Qingdao Liuting International Airport: Arrivals, Departures, Terminal information, Parking, Car rental, Transport, Accommodation, Amenities and Services, among other information. Plan your travel to TAO airport with the information provided in this site.


The IATA code TAO comes from the romanized name of Qingdao, Tsingtao.


Qingdao Airport is the 17th busiest airport in China.
Qingdao Airport served over 20,505,038 passengers in 2016.

Terminal Information + info

Qingdao Airport is considered as one of the major aviation hubs in Eastern China and also the only and main international gateway of the Shandong Province.


Qingdao Airport is composed by two passenger terminals as follows:


  • Domestic Terminal 1: The Domestic Terminal of Qingdao Airport is the main domestic gateway of the airport. There you can board any domestic or regional flight within China.


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  • International Terminal 2: The International Terminal of Qingdao Airport is the newest of the terminals and it is the sole international core of the flights from and to Qingdao Airport. Their facilities are split into three levels:


First level: Arrivals.
Second level: Departures.
Mezzanine level: First Class Lounge.


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Facilities and Services + info

See the available services at Qingdao Airport:

  • ATMs
  • Food and drink concessions
  • Toilets
  • Information counter
  • Luggage storage
  • Lockers
  • Medical Clinic
  • Mobile chargers
  • Retail concessions
  • Free Wi-Fi connection
  • Airport lounges
  • Smoking allowed areas
  • Baggage claim

Transport + info

The means of transport displayed below are available at Qingdao Airport in order to reach the city centre:


Bus: At Qingdao Airport there are at passengers’ disposal five shuttle bus routes to several destinations within the city and other routes to nearby locations.

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Taxi: Get within 45 minutes to Qingdao downtown.

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Car rental: Though you cannot drive in China unless you possess a Chinese driving permit, at Qingdao Airport there are many options available to foreigners. You can also book your car online through our searching engine!

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Find below several contact information regarding Qingdao Airport:


Left baggage: +86 0532 83788071


Disabled passenger service: +86 0532 83788385


Address: Qingdao Airport (TAO) - Shandong, CHINA


Phone: +86 532 96567 

About Qingdao

Qingdao, also known as for its romanized name, Tsingtao, it is a city located in the east coast of China and the main city of the Shandong Province. The city features for being an important seaport, counting with the world’s longest sea bridge, the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge. It is famous for being home of the popular Chinese beer Tsingtao. Along with Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian and Hong Kong, has a relevant importance as a global financial centre. Given its temperate climate, Qingdao is popular among not only local tourists, also international visitors. Regarding its interesting places, you shouldn’t miss Laoshan Mountain, an important Taoist centre, Qingdao church, and some of its beautiful beaches and some of its vestiges regarding Japanese and German architecture in Ba Da Guan, located in the Western Shinan district.

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